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By January 11, 2009 5 Comments

Do you have a Spotify account?

If you do, feel free to try out my collaborative playlist on Spotify. Add more good (or just interesting) music to it, listen to it, share it freely.
(For those who don’t know how it works: Just click the link above, my playlist appears to your Spotify playlists and then just drag and drop more music to it)

THIS is truly the future of collaborative music listening. Spotify is just awesome.


  • thomas says:

    spotify rules ok

  • Arttu says:

    Well. I Did. Thank you!

  • Lauri says:

    Spotify doesn’t find the playlist or I’m doing something critically wrong.

    A few bad experiences after Spotify installation.
    2 of my laptops have crashed severely after I took
    Spotify to daily use. I don’t know if it’s caused by
    the program, but it definitely has something to do
    with it, as the both computers have totally different
    setups. And yes, I use PC and won’t change to Mac ;)
    Atleast for now…

  • DJ Orion says:

    […] to deals with major labels, Spotify (of which I wrote earlier) had to restrict access to some of the music in their service. Spotify has been the first program […]

  • Spotty says:

    Hey! Go on and share your list(s) on spotifylistat.com. You would give a great boost out there.

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