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“‘One Sunday’ is a beautiful ambient soundscape with eastern influences and stunning musicianship. This clutch of classy remixes cross the breaks, progressive house and progressive trance genres. The Beetseekers get pole position with their stunning Pet Shop Boys influenced club mix. Cid Inc lays down a minimal techy mix with big room production. Syna turn it a lush progressive breaks version which extracts the warm melodies from the original and weaves them into a classy percussive backdrop. Sami Saari cranks up the octane with his pounding string stab punctuated tech trance mix while Ville Lope rounds off this package with a phat bassline-driven deep melodic progressive trance mix.” –Solaris Recordings

The first round of feedback:

Paul van Dyk: Thanks!

Jono Grant (Above And Beyond): Interesting, will listen again

Markus Schulz: Loving this one

Ronski Speed (Euphonic): Nice beetseekers remix.

David West: I really like the original mix, it’s nice and deep and got that old school vibe

Mango: Really love the original mix, very emotional. as for remixes – cid inc is right up my alley, great work!

Fletch: The whole package is very strong, the original is a great chill out track and the Sami / Cid Inc remixes will get my support in sets.

Yves Eaux: Absolute fantastic package of electronic music!

Philip Belikov (Radio Records Russia): Very chill track ;) I like Beetseekers Remix

Loukas Pour-Hashemi (VMM Magazine): A very cool tune this, love the bassline and groove on the Sami Saari Magic Tuesday mix – definitely the one for me!

Clancy Bird (Kik FM – Australia): Absolutely beautiful! Everyone is a winner. Solid releases. Original is heavenly.

Igor Butckhrikidze (Invisible Sounds (Artist)): Original and Sami Saari Magic tuesday mix are cool… first one has great atmosphere and the second is nice groovy floorkilla

Haris C (Mix FM Cyprus): Really like them all!

Paul Nova (Power DJs): Fantastic, I like all the mixes and I will play in different situations the remixes, very good work!

Big Al: Lovin’ the energy from the Beetseekers Remix!!!

Steve Anderson (Radio DJ): Great feel to the Beetseekers Remix – supported

Zaneta Soroko: Great tunes, Sunday 3am Remix is excellent.

The second round of feedback:

Simon Barwood (Australian DJ): Wow, nice selection of mixes to choose from here! The Finnish sure now how to make good trance! Will definitely support. Thanks.

Matt Cerf: Liking the Sami remix

DJ Taucher: the orig is a super nice ambient piece to start and ore dream while listening, i definately need only the original track

Stevie Lost Foy (dancemuzik.com): smooth beautiful trance, instantly effective

Pedro Del Mar: Loving the chillin sounds of original mix

Shem Mccualy: 8/10 ville lope for me

Tom (Goldenscan): Great melodic trancer, how can it go wrong with those remixes?!? Keep up the good work

Mr Sam (Club DJ – France): all mixes are good but like more the Cid Inc remix.. will support.

Scott Bond: Liked the beetseekers remix the best I think :)

Tillman Uhrmacher: Very nice stuff! Thanks a lot! Will air it..

Matt Darey (DJ / Nocturnal Radio): Luscious!! Great stuff from DJ Orion

Ian Theil (99.7FM WVYC): Wow, how rare it is to get a promo pack this great. The original version of the song sucks to be honest. It just has no feeling. But god DAMN the remixes are on fire. The beetseekers remix is great, lots more energy and purpose. The sunday 3am and syna remixes are also mind blowing, melodic and progressive, epic tracks. The magic tuesday remix has some respectable bass, great for the dance floor. The sami saari remix is spunky and fun, with almost a latin clap to it, awesome. Tell DJ Orion to drop the “DJ” and just go by Orion, because this is a great track.

D:Fuse: Like the Original, Beetseekers, & Sami Sari Alt mix. Excellent use of melody.

Dimitri Kechagias (VIVA 95,3 fm – Greece): Impressive ambient original is pushed to the limit as it becomes an anthem with the help of some of the big players in the progressive scene. From that package cid inc/sami saari and ville lope should be my favourites and of course beatseekers with their psy trance influenced style. It will be radio supported and charted as it happens with all the solaris material. 10/10

Ali Wilson: Like the One Sunday [Sami Saari Alternative Mix], supporting early sets!

Hans Temmerman (Rotationz / The Mystic Force): Syna remix + original for me, heavenly production!

Mike Shiver: Loving The Sami Saari Remix!

YAZ (MPFS): Really liking both the Syna remix and also the Beatseekers on this – both will work brilliantly for my early sets. Gonna start my next Synthology show with the Syna remix.

Ken Spector: Beautiful melody! Definitely supporting.

D-Mark: I like especially the melody of these tracks. They provide a very interesting good vibe, perfect to use in the beginning of your sets. It’s definitely a great work!

Mark Eteson: Feeling the Sami Saari Magic Tuesday Mix, lovely groove to it!

Philippe Babin (DJ Preach): CID INC remix is just rocking. definitely supporting this one!

Mark Raybone (i:Vibes): Cool release, some great and diverse sounds from some very talented artists!

Micah Lukasewich: the cid inc and saari mixes are cool, but the beetseekers mix edges it with its nostalgic coolness

Heatbeat: beetseekrs remix!

Mike Dierickx (M.I.K.E): Cid Inc Sunday Rmx for me, cool prog electronic vibe

Vicky Devine: I like the different edge of the alternative mix

Marcus Schossow: Nice remixes from Cid Inc and Sami Saari !

Brett James: Brillant package. Top Notch!

Radio plays:
Bobina (RUS)
Agnelli & Nelson
Mike Shiver
DJ Taucher

Read more: http://www.solaris-recordings.com/SLRS029.php

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